Art.1 The Competition is open to musicians of all nationalities.

Art.2 The Competition will take place in Nichelino from 14th to 22th November 2018.

Art.3 Application implies the acceptance by the candidates of all the present regulations and any modifications made by the organization in case of circumstances beyond control.

Art.4 The Competition is divided into four sections:


Italian contest regulation will be considered for this section.


Section FOR ALL INSTRUMENTS in groups with 2 to 10 people – vocal and/or instrumental – whose average age of the members should not exceed 35 years on 14/04/2018.

Instrumental and/or vocal formations can take part.

No more than one piano can be included in each formation.

Partecipation in CHAMBER MUSIC section does not exclude to competing for YOUNG SAXOPHONE or SOLO SAXOPHONE as well.

Candidates at the final round must present a different programm from the qualifying round.

Transcriptions of solo concertos are not accepted. Trascriptions for groups published before the competition are accepted.


This section is for under 18 years-old at 14/04/2018 musicians and people without a Conservatory Diploma in order to encourage the study of music. Partecipation in YOUNG SAXOPHONE section does not exclude competing for CHAMBER MUSIC as well.


Single section for candidates born after 1983.
Partecipation in SOLO SAXOPHONE section does not exclude competing for CHAMBER MUSIC as well.

Art.5 YOUNG AND SOLO SAXOPHONE section candidates who wish to have a pianist can make a specific request on their application form. YOUNG SAXOPHONE section candidates must send their pieces at least 20 days before the beginning of the auditions

Art.6 Order of appearance in auditions will be established by a randomly selected letter and then following the alphabetical order.
All candidates must be present both for the roll-call and the auditions and must present:

1. a valid identity card or passport;
2. an original copy of the music they will perform.

Art.7 Applicants’ evaluations will be made as follows: passage from the first audition to the final will be made through verbal consent by the majority of the present and voting jury members.
Candidates of the final audition will be evaluated with marks from 1 to 100 given by each member of the jury by secret ballot, on a signed paper, closed in an envelope, with candidates’ names written outside. At the end of the audition these envelopes will be opened and a merit-graduated list of candidates will be made out of the average votes of each candidate. The winner of the “Marco Fiorindo” International Competition will be the candidate who, after the final round, is chosen by unanimous vote or by the majority of the jury.

Art.8 Only one piano is at candidates’ disposal: all candidates must provide any other instrument and accessories necessary for playing.
The organization is not responsible for any damage at any time during the competition.

Art.9 Competitors have no right to claim financial earning in case of radio or television recordings of the auditions or of the Winners’ Concert.

Art. 10 Results will be known at the end of each category audition.

Art. 11 Prizes will be awarded at the Winners Concert the evening. All winners must perform at the concert that will take place in the evening of the final; otherwise they will lose their prize.
Other candidates may participate in this concert upon invitation by the jury.

Art. 12 Members of the jury who have teaching relationships with contestants will refrain from voting for them.
The jury will reserve the right to interrupt the execution at any moment, to listen to a part of pieces presented or if necessary to ask for the repetition of some parts of the program. Decisions taken by the jury are unquestionable, irrevocable and definitive.

Art. 13 The jury reserves the right not to award any prize if executions do not reach a hight standard. Jury can decide to use the amount of the unawarded prize for other prizes.

Art.14 The organization may at any time nominate new members to enter the Jury, if necessary.

Art. 15 The organization will reserve the right to limit the number of applications for technical reasons.

Art. 16 A calendar with the program of the competition, with the day and time of auditions, will be communicated to all candidates.
Nevertheless the organization suggests that each candidate should contact these phone numbers for further information after April 9th 2018:

345/6755742 – 347/4154740 – 348/9201439 o per e-mail all’indirizzo

Art.17 Accomodation in Italy is at candidates’ expense.

Art.18 Should the interpretation of the rules be contested, the original Italian contest regulations will be considered legally binding.
The only competent place of jurisdiction for all controversies is the Court of Turin.